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There's no question that online casinos have captured the imagination of people all over the world. The thrills of real money gambling are as close as a computer with an internet connection or a mobile device with a cellular signal. The inventors of casino games could never have imagined this, and the builders of grand casino resorts probably didn't see it coming. But as fun as it is, it's also a wild and ever changing industry. New players need someone to show them the ropes, which is why we created Entertainment Developer. This site is your guide to online casinos and all they have to offer.

At Entertainment Developer, we understand the need for great online casino resources because we were once rookies too. What we're trying to do is give you a solid base of fundamentals so you can enjoy your time at online casinos without losing your shirt right off the bat.

Those fundamentals start with the rules of the games. Some casino games like slots and video poker are fairly simple, though the great variety and crazy gameplay features of modern games can catch newcomers off guard. Table games can be more complex, with many possible wagers and the occasional odd rule. We explain the basics of the games here, not to make you an instant expert, but simply to send you to your first online casino with a base of knowledge that will help you have more fun.

We also have reviews of some of the most prominent online casinos. Consider Entertainment Developer your unbiased source for review information, including which games the casinos are known for, what bonus offers they like to run, how they handle deposits and withdrawals, and lots more helpful tidbits. We'll help you find just the right online casino to fit your personal style.

Last but not least, we've got additional articles to highlight different aspects of online casinos that you absolutely need to know. Do you know the differences between the myriad types of bonus offers or understand how a random number generator simulates the roll of a die? You will once you check out our other featured pages.

The bottom line is that knowledge is power in online casino gaming just like it is in many areas of life. We're hoping you find that knowledge here at Entertainment Developer, and we're happy to be your gateway into real money gaming. Read up, have fun, and good luck!