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Learn About and Play at US Online Casinos

Posted On: Feb. 8, 2013

Online casinos currently have a tense relationship with the United States. Though they would love to tap into the large and lucrative market of US gamblers, they remain wary of possible legal implications if they do. The US government has effectively made it more trouble than it's worth to court US players, though there are signs that the winds of change will soon be sweeping across the US online casino landscape.

Prior to 2006, online casinos were free to accept players in the US even though the position of the federal government was that such activity was illegal. That changed with the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which finally gave some teeth to laws already on the books. Specifically, the law gave the government the power to prosecute any company that processed payments for online gambling by US players: the credit card and eWallet companies in particular.

Players were still able to play at online casinos, but with no one willing to help them transfer money in or out, it became virtually impossible for them to do so. The online poker industry, in particular, took a hard hit as a result of the legislation. Even today, very few online casinos out of the hundreds that serve the rest of the world cater to US players. If things remain unchanged, there's little hope that many more casinos will be brave enough to take the risk.

Fortunately for people in the US who would like to play online, the future seems like it will include actual US online casinos both based and regulated on American soil. Several states, including the gambling hotbeds of Nevada and New Jersey, have already taken steps to fully legalize online gambling, initially to players within those states. It remains to be seen how the federal government will react, but the general feeling is that the overall climate will be more permissive and that US players will eventually rejoin the industry in large numbers.