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Learn About Playing Free Games at Online Casinos

Posted On: Feb. 22, 2013

Would you believe it if someone told you that you can try out everything an online casino has for free with no strings attached? You may not believe it, but most casinos do just that by offering free play versions of their games. Except for the credits used to make wagers, which have absolutely no monetary value, everything else in free play mode is exactly the same as when you play the games for real money.

Think of free play as the online casino version of a test drive. It allows players to see how much fun the games can be without risking any of their own money. The hope, of course, is that the players will them enough to eventually become real money customers. The casinos make it easy to do just that, giving them access to the banking areas of their casinos with just a click on a single link. And since the free account you sign up for before beginning any free play already contains the necessary personal information, all that's needed is a deposit for you to start playing for real.

When starting out with free play, you are generally given a certain amount of credits to use on the casino games. These credits have no value, which can be somewhat depressing if you hit a big jackpot with them. However they do allow you to make wagers you might not normally make and see how different outcomes affect your strategy. Thus, free play is a useful tool even when you are already pretty sure you'll be playing for real, and an even better one when you are just scouting out a site for the first time.

It's rare that online casinos offer anything that is beneficial to both themselves and the players, but free play is the rare exception. Almost every reputable casino offers it now, and it's always worth looking for when hunting for a new place to play. When you run out of free play credits, most sites will allow you to reload once a day, so just grab some more the next time and continue to experiment.