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How Payout Reports are calculated at Online Casinos & other Similar Gambling Portals

Posted On: Nov. 20, 2013

If you have ever wondered how fair the outcome of a game is when playing in an online casino, you should be pleased to learn that these outcomes are in fact as random and realistic as can be. The return to player percentage (RTP %) is the amount in which players receive back in winnings, based on net wagers spent by the players and it is calculated over a monthly period.

These payout percentage reports are generally calculated by reputable and independent auditors and they base this information by actually testing the games themselves over a certain period of time. The results are then released so that everyone can study this information and they can see if the casinos are in fact being fair to their players. The most trustworthy US online casinos today generally have an average RTP % between 94.00% and 98.00%.

One of the most well-known online casino testing agencies which is recognised in most jurisdictions around the world is the internationally-accredited auditor known as eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation Assurance), although there are several others which also conduct similar onsite reviews, monitoring and testing. One of the other most well-known auditors is called Technical Systems Testing (TST).

Wherever you see the TST or eCOGRA logo, you can pretty much guarantee that the games available in the casino are as fair and as realistic as can be and therefore that the operator of the casino is running an honest operation. Now that you are familiar with both eCOGRA and TST, you will no doubt begin to see each company’s logo as you visit more gambling portals, especially when you visit online casinos.

In order to maintain transparency, online casinos today are constantly monitored and their certified Random Number Generators (RNGs) are also frequently tested by these reputable parties. TST for example, monitors several major clients such International Game Technology (IGT) and eCOGRA monitors most Microgaming casinos.

An example of how the RTP % at a casino website can be understood is explained here: All Slots Casino is a famous online casino which has been operating since 2001. The RTP % is calculated on a monthly basis and at the time of writing, the latest reports have revealed the RTP % for the month of September 2013.

The RTP % for Poker Games within the casino worked out to be 97.49%. Therefore 97.49% of the total wagers (for the period under review), was actually paid back as winnings and the remaining 2.51% stayed with the casino as ‘profit’.

If the total amount of wagers spent within that period was say $10,000,000.00, it means that the players received $9,749,000.00 (on average) back in winnings and the operators therefore netted themselves approximately $250,999.999 profit.

The latest RTP % for the Slot Games at All Slots Casino was 96.23%, for Table Games it was 97.41% and for All Games it was 96.32%. The return to player percentages stated here in this article were accurate and they were taken directly from the All Slots Casino website. However, the amount of money spent in the casino ($10,000,000) was purely theoretical.