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Match Bonus

Consider the match bonus the cousin of the deposit bonus. Where the latter is a tool used to attract new players to an online casino, the match bonus is offered to returning players to reward them for their loyalty. The offers get their names because they match the amount of money a player deposits into his or her casino account up to a certain percentage or set dollar amount.

Taking advantage of match bonuses is a good way to get some extra play out of money you were going to deposit anyway. Let's say you make a habit out of depositing $200 into your casino account at the beginning of every month. If your online casino offers a $100 match bonus, you now have $300 in credits to wager on the casino's games. The bonus may also be expressed as a percentage with an upper limit, like matching 50 percent on any deposit up to a maximum of $500.

Match bonuses act much like deposit bonuses in terms of the conditions needed to clear them. Generally speaking, any match bonus money will be taken from your account first before the money used to back it, and it will need to be used in legitimate bets several times over before it can be cashed out. The online casino may also place other conditions on the bonus, like saying it can only be used for certain types of games. Sometimes there are even different match bonuses for players who prefer different games, like one offer for blackjack and a different one for online slots.

It's fairly common for online casinos to have match bonuses recur on a regular basis, particularly weekly or monthly. They usually can't be combined with other offers, so be sure to understand the bonuses your online casino of choice is promoting. Casinos also theme match bonuses around holidays, seasonal events and other notable happenings like major sporting events, so those all make good times to investigate whether there are extra bonuses you can utilize.