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Monthly Bonus

It may seem like common sense, but a monthly bonus is a recurring amount that can be earned each month at an online casino. They come in several different forms and vary widely from casino to casino, but the common goal of all of them is to reward regular customers who come back and play month after month. Picking a casino with a good monthly bonus can help you always have a good bonus working, though it shouldn't be the sole determining factor that decides where you play.

A monthly bonus is always going to come in the form of another, broader type of bonus. Usually this is a deposit bonus, presented as an incentive for transferring funds into your casino account. This type can also be called a match bonus because the casino matches the money deposited with an equal amount of credits. The match can also be less than 100 percent. For instance, an online casino can have a 50 percent match monthly bonus, meaning if you deposit $200, you'll receive $100 in credits. There is always an upper limit on how much you can earn this way as well.

Like other kinds of bonuses, a monthly bonus still has to be cleared before it becomes real money that can be cashed out. What this means is that the bonus credits must be wagered at casino games (sometimes specific games) a certain number of times before they have any cash value. Online casinos are generally pretty good about letting you know how much work you have to do to clear your bonus even if they are less forthcoming about the conditions needed to clear them in the first place.

Even within a monthly bonus promotion, there is still room for some seasonal adjustment in the size of the bonus given. One example of this is in December, where monthly bonuses are sometimes larger to celebrate the holidays. These kinds of temporary increases can be effective tools for casinos to lure lapsed players back into the fold.