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One of the great casino games when it comes to visual attraction, roulette is a table game that is easy to learn and play. Even online, there's a sense of excitement every time the roulette ball goes flying around and the wheel is spinning. There are a number of possible bets that can be made, but nothing as complex as you'll find in games like craps. This balance between excitement and simplicity is a large part of roulette's lasting appeal.

As a roulette player, the object is to wager on certain numbers, sections or other places on the layout that correspond to the place on the wheel in which the ball will land. The wheel is divided into pockets numbered from 1 to 36, in addition to either a single 0 (in what is known as the European version) or both 0 and 00 slots (usually called the American version). In a live game, the dealer spins the ball in the opposite direction from the rotation of the wheel, and players are free to place wagers until the ball starts to slow and the dealer calls out "No more bets." In online play, the ball is merely a simulation, and the game automatically prevents people from betting at the appropriate time.

Roulette games generally use different colors of chips for each player in order to more easily distinguigh their bets at a glance. Legitimate wagers can be made on the inside of the betting layout on individual numbers or groups of up to six numbers, or on the outside of the layout on broader categories. Some of these include black or red, even or odd, and the three columns of numbers. Multiple bets can be combined to meet the table minimum - for instance, five $5 bets on the inside would satisfy the wagering requirement on a $25 minimum table.

Payouts at roulette depend on how many numbers each bet covers. A single number bet may pay out at 36:1, while the even and odd bets pay even money. None of the bets pay out at their true odds, giving casinos a fairly large house edge. Roulette doesn;t lend itself to any particular strategy based on math, making it a more obvious game of luck than table games like blackjack or craps.