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When you think of casinos, slot machines are one of the first things that comes to mind. No games make it easier to get into the excitement of casino gambling than slots, and they're even easier to play online. Today's slots come in so many different varieties that it's almost mind boggling, providing just the right denomination and theme for every player. The best part is that it doesn't take any special knowledge to play them.

Slots at online casinos are just like their physical counterparts, but with one important difference. Instead of tumbling reels, online slots use computer software with random number generators to simulate all of the different combinations of symbols that can come up on a spin. In truth, even the slot machines in brick and mortar casinos mostly operate this way now, with video screens largely replacing anything that used to be mechanical.

The goal while playing slots is to come up with winning combinations of symbols, usually three or more of the same kind. The symbols need to fall on valid paylines, which are simply specific locations the symbols can end up - and ironically, aren't always in straight lines. A pay table explains exactly what you win for every winning combination. Most current slots games allow you to wager on multiple paylines and sometimes for multiple coins per line. Thus, a 1-cent machine played for three coins on nine lines will actually cost you 27 cents per spin. The advantage of playing more than one line is that it gives you more than one way to win, and some large jackpots can only be won if you are playing all valid paylines.

Many slots also have bonus rounds activated by certain symbols that award more credits or free spins. Bonus games often change the gameplay up so that you are doing something other than spinning reels, but it's important to remember they still boil down to luck, never skill. Slots games come in a huge range of colorful themes of all kinds, so it should be simple to find one that entertains you at almost any online casino. Find out more about online slots when you visit allaboutslots.com a top rated online slots guide by clicking here.