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Topgame is another of the newer entrants into the online gaming industry, having been formed in 2008 in the Republic of Panama. In just a few years, Topgame has built up a reputation for merging reliability with creativity, especially when it comes to online slots games. Unlike some of the other notable software providers, Topgame does not provide turnkey solutions for people looking to run online casinos, but it does support the games it creates with tools to help those casinos track play, accept payment and more.

More About TopGame Online Casinos:

One area in which Topgame has already made a name for itself is in the use of 3D graphics in its slots. Some of its more popular themes include Crazy Jungle, Sweet Surprise and Voyager's Quest. Topgame's slots all have auto play features for freeing users up for other tasks, and they can easily toggle between free play and real money modes. Its progressive networks have been as popular as any and have already awarded seven-digit jackpots on more than one occasion.

Topgame also makes table games software, though not in the scope of some of its competitors. It does cover the staple favorites like blackjack, roulette and baccarat but does not offer any of the various table poker games you'll find in many online casinos. Once nice feature Topgame has incorporated into its table games is the option to choose between male and female dealer voices. Topgame offers keno and video poker as well, all running on the company's in-house, proprietary framework.

Another selling point for Topgame's casino client is the way it gets players into the games quickly by allowing people to play the first games that are downloaded while the remaining games download in the background. This feature is also proprietary and helps the company back up its claim that it has the fastest downloads in the industry. Another useful feature is the ability to open up multiple tabs within Topgame casinos to get in more spins or hands in a given amount of time. Topgame casinos can support numerous different languages and currencies, and the software is configured to accept payments from some of the most widely used and well known processors around. All of these facets make Topgame a name to remember as the industry continues to grow.