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Video Poker

Video poker machines are usually found in banks alongside slot machines in physical casinos, and they share some of the same characteristics. Though the word "poker" may make you think that video poker is played against other people, that isn;t the case. Instead, the object is to make the best possible five-card poker hand, with better hands earning you increasingly bigger rewards. The best hand at nearly every video poker game is a royal flush, which can pay out very well indeed.

Like slots, video poker games come in many different variations, usually referred to by the lowest possible poker hand needed to win anything with your wager. For example, a Jacks or Better game means that anything worse than a pair of jacks will lose your bet. Within that framework, the action plays out like five-card draw. You receive five cards to start, with the option to keep or discard any or all of those cards. A second set of cards is drawn to replace any that are discarded, resulting in your final hand.

Most video poker games can be played for multiple coins, with the biggest payout for a royal flush coming only when the maximum number of coins are played. A table not unlike the pay table on a slot machine explains the payouts for every winning hand. Some of the most common variants of video poker involve the addition of jokers or wild cards within a standard deck of cards, so keep in mind that the presence of these factors can make a difference in various payouts.

Other than an understanding of the strength of poker hands, not much knowledge is needed to start playing video poker. The best strategy is to always keep cards which could help you make the top paying hand - again, this is most often a royal flush - and failing that, keeping any cards that will at least help you win your money back. Playing the maximum number of credits is also advisable to avoid missing out on money you would have won if that elusive royal flush does appear. Research more information about video poker at one of our of the guides we like most here at Entertainment Developer called VideoPokerPlay.